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To consider when selling Brokerage fee Brokerage fee on Costa del Sol is normally 5% + 21% IVA (Spanish VAT) Legal fees The cost of hiring a lawyer for the sale is approx. 1 % + moms. Plusvalía Plusvalia (value added tax on the land) is a local capital gain tax on the value increase of the land on which the dwelling is situated. Amount is calculated based on the time the property has been owned by the seller. Capital gains tax  Capital gains tax is the profit that sellers make on a sale. It is 19% for resident (resident). In amounts up to 6000 euros and 21% for the remainder of the profit. For non resident, there is a 19% tax. If the seller is not a resident (permanent resident) in Spain, the buyer through his lawyer retains 3% of the sales amount as an “advance” of any capital gain. If there is no gain, the Spanish tax authority (Hacienda) will refund this amount within 6 months. If the capital gain is greater than 3% of the sales value, the seller will pay this.
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